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Company secretary service

Transit smoothly into Singapore with professional employment pass application and expatriate tax services.

Expatriates Support

Employment Pass Application Services

Foreign professionals who intend to work in Singapore as directors or employees of your company would need to apply for the relevant work passes. Our work would include the followings:

  • Free initial EP assessment and advice on application process

  • Preparation of EP application and guiding you to collate the appropriate documents for submission

  • Representing you to submit application and tracking your application status

  • Responding to additional information requests from the approving authorities

  • Arranging for issuance of EP upon obtaining in-principle approval

  • Filing of appeal for EP application

Expatriate Tax Services

For Expatriates

Foreign professionals working in Singapore would wish to ensure that they are complying to the Singapore tax laws in a tax efficient manner and at the same time fully exploit the various tax incentive scheme that may be applicable to them. We could assist you on the followings:-

  • Free initial eligibility assessment for tax incentive schemes

  • Application for eligible tax incentive schemes on your behalf

  • Identifying and advising you on areas that are previously not tax efficient

  • Going through with you on a comprehensive income and tax deduction check

  • Preparation of income tax computation & tax forms and submission to the tax authorities

  • Responding to additional information request from & filing of objection to the tax authorities

For Employers of Expatriates

Companies employing expatriates would wish to ensure the followings:-

  • Proper tax procedures are followed while the expatriates are working in Singapore

  • Proper tax & immigration clearance procedures are settled before the expatriates depart Singapore

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