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Incorporation Singapore service

Maximise tax saving potentials to boost your bottom line while ensuring tax compliance.

Singapore Income Tax Compliance Services

Corporate Income Tax Services

  • Reviewing of financial statements, tax computations/forms & tax status in previous YAs

  • Identifying and advising you on areas that are previously not tax efficient

  • Assessment of applicability of Singapore tax incentive schemes to your Company

  • Preparation of income tax computation and tax forms and submissions to IRAS

  • Responding to additional information request from & filing of objection to IRAS

  • Corresponding with IRAS on tax queries and other tax matters

Individual Income Tax Services 

For your Employees

  • Review of tax status, tax computation & tax forms for previous YAs

  • Identifying and advising on areas that are not tax efficient

  • Conducting comprehensive income and tax deduction check

  • Preparation of tax computation & tax forms 

  • Preparation of employer’s returns such as Form IR8A and Form IR8S

  • Corresponding with IRAS on information requests and tax queries 

  • Filing of objection with IRAS and follow up

For Departing Expatriates

  • Advising on tax clearance process essential for immigration exit

  • Preparation of tax computation and tax clearance forms

  • Responding to information requests and tax queries within tight timeframe

  • Advising on employment pass cancellation procedures

  • Advising on relinquishment of office procedures for company directors

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